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Episode 6x15 Across the Sea - Latest Tidbits via E! Online

Aaron in Boulder, Colo.: Are there any OMG moments we should look forward to in the final hours of Lost?

Well, besides all of the remaining hours of Lost?! Yes, in fact. We've been telling you about this crazy episode 15 where there are no series regulars present for months, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) just gave us the goods on why it's so amazing. "Episode 15 is on the level of what 'Ab Aterno' was like this season. People who were big fans of 'Ab Aterno' are going to love this," he promised. "Total movie quality. It's such a huge piece of mythology that is a big, big, big story. It was just such a great read. It was almost like not even reading an episode of Lost." Is that OMG enough for you? No? Well how about a major death that will literally leave you sobbing at some point in the next few weeks? That big enough for you? And can I have a hug?

Source: E! Online