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Nestor Carbonell Discusses Finale and More

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First, on behalf of the fans, you were incredible. This was perhaps the best Lost episode of all time, and Twitter lit up last night with very much deserved Emmy buzz for you.
Oh, thank you. The writers have broken convention in such a great way, in so many ways on this show, and definitely with the characters. I've been so lucky and blessed that I got this part and had it paid off three and a half years later with an episode like this! I'm just very blessed, very lucky.

Yeah, Forget Hurley. You won the lottery with this episode!
[Laughs] I know. Who needs those numbers!?

Did you ever think that you'd be the guy who'd get to be there when we all found out what the Island is?

I had no idea! I never knew it would grow like this. I came to this show auditioning for a great guest star role, and I almost didn't go in because I didn't feel I was ready to go in. But at the last minute I just said, I've got to take a swing at this, it's such a great part, and thankfully I got it. I never knew it would grow like this.

That final scene with Richard and Isabella is one of the most devastatingly beautiful moments we've ever seen on Lost. Is there any chance they could somehow end up together?

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that as soon as I read that script I was certainly wanting some resolution. And I think there will be some element of resolution for Richard. I can't say whether or not he has a chance at Isabella, but I just read the season finale and there has been some resolution for my character in a great way. The writers, yet again, just knocked it out of the park with the series finale. You'll see it as the season progresses, what they've come up with is pretty mind-blowing. I'm definitely very fulfilled not just about my character but with the whole show in general. It's an incredible task and they blew me away with what they come up with.

We now know that Jacob has been talking to Richard all along. And Ben also thought he was talking to Jacob. Is it safe to assume that Ben was not talking to Jacob all these years? His latest episode seemed to reveal that. And does this explain Ben and Richard's tension toward one another in the past?
It's a really good point, you're right. Michael's such an amazing actor and has flushed out that character so well and has exuded such confidence in the role that at times you think, this guy is Jacob. He may as well be. The irony is that he's not at all. He's like all of us, a pawn in Jacob's game or his experiment. But I'm not revealing anything to say that Ben hasn't been privy to anything Jacob has ever asked him to do. I've always been the conduit to everyone Jacob has tapped. If it was Widmore, if it was Ben, if it was Eloise Hawking, if it was eventually John Locke, no one's really dealt with Jacob directly and that's sort of the way Jacob wanted it.

We heard Michael got a black eye while filming recently. Is he OK?
Michael is fine, it was an accident. I won't say how it happened, I'll let him divulge that if he wants to, but he is just fine. You never know, it's a mystery that maybe he will reveal, but he's doing great.

Source: E! Online