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Latest Set Report and Photos

Thanks as always to our man on the ground, Ryan for this filming update. Here are some of the highlight. You can see the full report at the source link below.

This afternoon, “LOST” set up at the Waialae Dental Care office at Kahala Mall. Visiting fans Scott and Steve (no relation to the characters!) spotted Jack (Matthew Fox), dressed in a suit, and Bernard (Sam Anderson). It looks like Bernard is still a dentist off the island.

Yesterday’s shoot included Jack, Sun, Frank, and Hurley, running in the jungle. In the afternoon, Sawyer, Claire and Kate arrived, and they were all shooting by the sailboat. The area was off-limits to fans, but I have a friend who got really close to them and heard them talking about Locke.

Finally, on Monday, visiting fan Franci was relaxing on the beach near the Turtle Bay Resort when she caught site of “LOST” filming down the shore at Kawela Bay.

She could only watch from a distance, but says that central to the scene was the long-awaited reunion of Sun and Jin.

Source: Full Report and More Photos @ Hawaii Blog