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Lost Season 6 - Set Photos and Report - Mysterious Painting

I am loving this painting! These are the fun easter eggs we love to talk about. The first thing you easily will notice the nod to Black v White again. The balance has more white chips but both seem equal with black actually slightly lower.

However, on of the biggest things here that goes to prove a ton is WHY TWO FRAMES? One white and one black!? So are both in the same shot or are we going to get another "continuity error"?

What do you all think??

Thanks to Amos for the following.

Hey Dark, as promised we’re sending the photos from Widmore’s office, and the two paintings of the weighing scale. Unfortunately Świr didn’t manage to take the photos in the morning as they’d already dismantled Widmore’s office by then, and took the furniture to DH Studios.

Świr is planing to check out the beach where the SUNSET ON THE BEACH event takes place, Jan 30th.
He also found out that this week they will be shooting scenes at the airport again, and in the losties camp.

We’ll be sending more photos and possible spoilers later this week.

Source: Amos and Swir@4815162342.pl

Posted by DarkUFO