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Lost Season 6 - More Snippets - Episode 6.3/6.4/6.5

Here are a couple more snippets from one of my sources who was lucky enough to see some of the early episodes, although he refused to say which ones. I suspect 6.3/6.4 and possibly 6.5 based on information I have from other contacts.

- Flock ventures into Otherton and persuades Sawyer to join him for a little "trip"
- He takes him to a place with lots of names with lines through them
- The names all have numbers attached
- Sawyer finds his own name on the list - He is Number 15
- Locke's name is crossed out - He was Number 4
- Kate's name is on there as Austen - (My source did not reveal her number)
- Jack and Hurley discover a special "mirror" at the Lighthouse (Based on other info I have I think this is 6.5)
- The Mirror gives Jack a "flash" of his past when it is "aligned" correctly.

Source: DarkUFO