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Latest from Ryan - Podcast Jan 24th

Thanks to Ryan from The Transmission for his new Podcast. The spoiler section starts at 1:21:11.

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Summary of spoilers:
Filming at “The Omega Station” (Not a Dharma station, but a location in Hawaii)- Previously filmed Hydra Station/ room 23 at this location
- Scientists doing work on the island
- Sayid comes/ takes out a couple of guards attempting to get in
- Someone gets electrocuted, and Ryan’s friend plays the character who takes them out on a stretcher

Monday Jan 11- office of attorney general
- “Airport Courthouse” sign was placed on the building
- Charlie and Desmond in this scene (Charlie is in his gray hooded shirt)
- A lady with Charlie (assumed to be his lawyer) tells Desmond “He’s all yours”
- Charlie high tails it out of there, into the street, where cars screech to a halt

Tuesday Jan 12 Waikiki Marina
- Charlie and Des, in silver car
- They have an argument, Charlie grabs the steering wheel, and the car flies into the water
- Desmond rescues/pulls Charlie from the water, Charlie is unconscious

Wednesday Filming at Bishop Museum
- Sign read: Golden State History Museum
- Fundraiser was being hosted by Eloise
- Desmond has a stitched up gash on his forehead (assumed to be from the crash)
- Des is looking for Penny, tries to read guest list
- Eloise takes it from him and says “You’re not ready, Desmond!”
- Desmond replies “ready for what?!?” and storms off

Thursday Filming Hawaii Medical Center
- Jack, Des and Charlie were there (and possibly Chang)
- Desmond has a head injury and is told he needs an MRI
- Charlie says to Des “You should not be worried about me, you need to go look for Penny
- Charlie runs away, in hospital gown
- Desmond makes a phone call to unknown person, trying to find Penny

Friday Filming on Golf Course
- Another ‘fancy’ fundraiser
- Hurley’s yellow Hummer was there, as were limousines, and a white Santa Rosa Mental Institute van
- Hurley is being recognized for donation/support to the cause
- Hurley sees someone being put in the van… it’s Libby

Saturday Waikiki
- Desmond and Widmore
- Unknown scene, lots of Green Screen

Monday Honolulu Airport-recreation of scenes from LA X landing
- Ryan suggests that this scene will be inserted for the premier
- Same actors, extras, ect… but this time Minkowski was there
- Minkowski is Desmond’s limo driver

YWCA filming- Santa Rosa Institute
- Hurley and Libby filming

Tuesday Filming at Beach Park
- Hurley and Libby, finally having their ‘picnic on the beach’ that they never got to have
- And yes… Hurley remembered the blanket, this time
- “Very touching moment” … Libby leans over and kisses Hurley

Filming at Popeye’s Chicken (Mr. Clucks)
- Hurley and Randy were both there
- Desmond was also there

Wednesday Filming- Elementary School
- Another car crash scene
- Silver BMW hits Locke (in wheelchair)

Filming at Mexican Restaurant
- Sign read: “Spanish Johnny’s Restaurant”
- Hurley, Libby, and Dr Brooks (he was the one who took the picture of Hurley and “Dave”)
- Libby and Hurley are on a date, and Dr. Brooks comes and takes Libby away

North Shore Filming-unknown fuselage recreation made from wood
- Ryan suggests that this may be for Ajira plane