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ESPN Radio Ad Reveals First Audio from Season 6?

Here is the audio to the ESPN Radio (owned by ABC) is airing and apparently has Locke talking about answering why someone is on the island.

If you have kept upto date with spoilers then you will know Locke is actually MiB who is the Smoke Monster and if this is from Season 6, then it seems like he is telling someone that he knows why they are on the island.

Here is the transcript and audio.



Locke : "What If I could answer for you the only question that matters?"
???? : "What question is that?" Someone, not sure who it is
Locke : "Why are you on this Island?"

A big thanks to DarkUFO reader Chris for the following.

I started listening to ESPN radio in order to catch the LOST ad people have talked about hearing and my patience paid off. They aired it. I recorded it in the very low tech way of putting a mic to my PC speaker and using windows pound recorder, so the quality isn't top notch. Nevertheless here's the file. I can see why people have been having a hard time figuring out who the second voice is because it's kind of a whisper. Sounds like Sawyer to me.

Source: Chris@DarkUFO