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Episode 6.09 - Ab Aeterno - Filming Snippets

Thanks to our guy PF108 for the following snippets of the current filming of the Richard Alpert Episode

Ok Dark here is what I know, and it's pretty wild:

-On monday at Diamond head studios, they will be filming Alpert scenes on the Blackrock. There is a mock-up of the BR in front of a giant green screen inside there.
-Actor present during this scene are for Alpert, Father Suarez, Capt. Whitfield, and (and this is what they actually called him) the man in black.
-But this is not all, and it only gets wilder from here,there are a number of prisoners on this ship, including Sayid, Locke, Kate and Claire. One more thing (and Im not sure on this) all the prisoners have a certain # associated with them. Are these THE numbers, I don't know as of yet. Its possible other Losties are on board but thats all I know so far.

Will keep you posted when I find out more Dark!
Source: PF108@DarkUFO