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Various Filming Updates from Twitter

Thanks to Luthien for collecting all these filming reports from Twitter users around the island and to Liesbeth for additional info.

Here are the messages with links...

@sluky Blue blazer and maybe khaki slacks — hard to see from our position. He was drinking bottled water and talking to the crew.[/quote]
@lylyford It was cool! Central Middle was supposed to be some kind of concert hall. Matthew Fox was shooting with a dark-haired teen.

Source: Strobie

.........It turns out that this hyperkid is one of the actors, and he had jammed the deadbolt with cameras rolling, a hundred people watching......

......While they were inside, they filmed a scene with a haole guy in a suit pounding on the door and trying to get "David" to let him in the house.......
Source: TheKeyGuy

LOST actor Doug Hutchison (Horace Goodspeed, 70's Dharma Initiative) spotted in Kailua. Yes, I'm that nerdy about the show.
Source: VickiYu

Just saw Evangeline Lilly from Lost on the street in Kailua. Yup, they're definitely filming again.
Source: joshwisch

Spotted on location this morning by fortunately avid hiker Eric were Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), John Hawkes (”the guy from Deadwood” as newcomer “Lennon“), and a woman described by the crew as “Cindy” (almost certainly Kimberly Joseph, our long lost stewardess). There were also a large number of extras in drably colored, somewhat ragged clothes. And seen later in the day were Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin)
Source: carmelvaisman
Posted by DarkUFO