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Another Small Filming Update

UPDATE: Carmel confirmed the Jughead tower is up again. Two weeks ago when I was there I did not see it!

Hey All,
Here is the latest report from a fan that is in Hawaii, took a LOST tour and seems to have heard some potential filming updates.

Thanks to Carmel for the following details:

Just wanted to let you know that I did the 5 hrs tour and when we went to the location of the Dharma submarine dock, our guide was surprised they stretched it open. he was on the same tour in the morning and the dock was folded. he was positive it meant that the LOST crew will be filming at the dock this very week.

From the evidence that's been gathering here, the new season's new way of story telling happens somehow on all the sets we've ever known - there will still be showing Dharma, Jacob incident, LAX in the past, and Ryan (from Hawaii) said he heard many of the locations around the island are being set up again. We even saw that the Jughead instalment remained and our guide again thought it means it'll be used again. What do you think?