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Eko's Church to Appear in Season 6 (UPDATED)

**UPDATED** 12:15 PMSet Pictures Now Added

Hey All,
We are getting close to the beginning of filming season for Season 6 and we are already getting some set reports sent in!!

Apparently Eko's Church has been rebuilt!! What could this mean? Will we see not just the church but another sign we will see him return??

However according to the report the church seems to possibly be "more advanced" than before.

Here is the full report thanks to Sharkington:

Last year, I sent you the first pics of the Other's camp in 1954. This year, I went back to Hawaii and had time to go on Oahu north shore.

They built Eko's church again, and it was more advanced than we had previously seen (I think). Also there was automatic watering system to keep the vegetation green around the church, which tells me they will use it soon. Last year, there was no church at all...

On the camp, everything was gone except for the kitchen...