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LOST Season 6 Casting Confirmations from Comic Con

Among all of the wonderful information from Comic Con, there were a few confirmed casting tidbits for Season 6 of LOST.

1) Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) - Nestor has been confirmed as a series regular. So expect to see more of Richard all throughout season 6. Additionally, Damon and Carlton said that we would get his backstory, not sure if it is a Flashback or not, but we will finally learn about Richard and his eyeliner!

2) Ian Sommerhalder (Boone) - Although he was at Comic Con to promote his new show The Vampire Diaries, Sommerhalder confirmed that he is planning to appear in Season 6 and that he has informed the producers of his new show. He did not say how for many episodes or reveal any other info, just that he will appear.

3) Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) - Dom of course made his not so surprise visit to the Flash Forward panel, but then made another no too surprising but very exciting appearance at the end of the LOST panel, with the words "Am I Alive" written on his hand!! No one confirmed a return but it is pretty obvious he is back in some form.

4) As far as all the other rumored cast members there was no confirmation, but the Season 6 Banner, revealed most of the original cast along side the current cast Maggie Grace's character Shannon.

Along with that art and Darlton confirming that we will indeed see characters that we have not seen since Season 1, I would say Maggie is one of those folks that will appear again.

Well that is all for now, but if any additional casting information is revealed we will let you all know!!