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Episode 5x16/17 - New Set Report and Pics

Hey All,
Here is the latest filming update and set pics for the LOST Season 5 Finale (Episode 5x16/17 The Incident).

There were some rumors months ago that we might see a grown up versions Ji-Yeon and Aaron and this report indicates that this might be true, but confirmation of what was really being filmed.

Thanks to DarkUFO for the heads up!

Hi, I saw them setting up on my way into work - I was so happy to see the Lost production, but so bummed that it is on a day I can't go look.

Luckily I had a cancellation and one hour free.

They were filming at Sandy's beach, on the face of Koko head crater, and at the blowhole lookout. The Blowhole lot was full of trucks and the police, but Sandy's beach is much larger. So I tried my luck there. In order to park, I had to say "crew" to the security guard. Normally they laugh and turn me away. This guy must have been new. He directed me to park right in front of a helicopter. A very new helicopter made to look very very old.

Now - I was asked to leave at this point. A HPD officer asked me nicely where my card was. I said I left it in my truck. He said go get it. I said I will be right back.

But I did see them filming! I saw a very pretty asian lady that I first thought was Sun and a young, tan, caucasian male. They were both wearing fancy bathing suits.

But it wasn't sun - although her haircut and look really fooled me. She was much younger, maybe in her 20' and so was the guy.

Could this be Ji-Yeon and Aaron?

I don't know. But the helicopter was cool. They also had had a lot of jet skis on the set, which makes me think they were filming someone in the water. This is the same location that fake othersville was built and very close to the rocks were Desmond killed Inman.

Please excuse my iphone photos - it was the best I could do!

Source: LostViking@LostTV-Forum