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Sawyer Removed from the Death Pool!?

Hey All,
Kristin from E!Online seems to have perhaps revealed what many Sawyer fangirls have been waiting to hear, that "Josh Holloway is NOT going anywhere" based on her knowledge.

Now of course this all comes down to who you want to believe, but I assume we are getting close to finding out that perhaps Ben or Daniel are being killed off the show!?

What do you all think!?

Here is her full post:

Don in Dallas: Kristin, are they killing off Sawyer on Lost?

Yes, they're killing Sawyer off Lost. Other season finale deaths to expect this year: A depressed McDreamy commits surgical hara-kiri with a scalpel on Grey's Anatomy, Blair uses thallium poison to kill Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, and Jon Stewart is being written out of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. (Sorry for the bad joke.) To my own personal knowledge, Josh Holloway is not going anywhere (swear). However, it is possible there is a death I don't know about..