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Snippets from Damon and Carlton

Thanks to Flyer for the heads up. You can read the longer/non-spoilerly part here.

Okay, lightning round. The story keeps moving forward, and therefore there are certain things you might never get back to. You don't have to tell me what the answer is to any of these mysteries, just whether they'll come up again

The four-toed foot?
You will see it again.

Why Libby was in the hospital with Hurley?
Hopefully, but contingent on factors beyond our control.

What happened between Alex and Rousseau during the brief period between their reunion and their deaths? Or was that another casualty of the episodes you lost to the strike?
Nope. Casualty.

Will we ever find out why Dharma (or someone else) is still making supply drops to the island?
I sure hope so.

Will the superpowers (or lack thereof) of Others like Ethan (superstrong and/or healing factor?) and Richard (immortal?) ever be clarified or explained?
Ethan works out a lot. And everyone heals fast on the island. Hasn't Sawyer been shot like, fourteen times by now?

Source: NJ.COM