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Season 5 Latest Spoilers and Tidbits

Over the weekend several new tidbits and spoilers for Season 5 of LOST were revealed via our very good friend DarkUFO.

Here is a little summary:

1) Kate's promise to Sawyer was to indeed take care of his daughter Clementine, but Cassidy is upset when Kate arrives with money in an envelop.
2) One of the returnees (I assume this means O6 member) flips sides and turns traitor
3) In some recent photos we saw Sawyer with the name LeFleur on his outfit. He is not actually LeFleur.
4) In Episode 5x11 (Whatever Happened Happened) Kate says these words to Cassidy: "Because your daughter deserves to know her father cared about her"
5) Kavita Patil (Pictured Left) will play Rupa Krishnavani in Episode 5x07 316. Many fans are speculating and I would agree that Patil seems like a flight attendant that would be used for Ajira Airways.
6) A FULL Synopsis of the first 20 Minutes of the Season 5 premiere were sent in via a fan. If you want to read the MAJOR SPOILERS you can find the details at the following link:

Episode 5x01 - Synopsis of First 20 Minutes

So what do you all think of these new tidbits!?