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Latest Filming Update - Widmore on Set

Hey All,
Ryan from Hawaii Blog just posted this little update about filming that took place today. According to what I last heard, filming for Episode 5x13 was beginning this week. So it is possible Widmore will appear in or around this episode.


On the eve of the broadcast premiere of the first two episodes of Season 5, veteran “LOST” spotter Howard Hsu sent word of a location shoot in downtown Honolulu. They recreated, on a smaller scale, the Widmore Industries exterior seen in Episode 3×08, “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” The signs were back, as well as the mysteriously omnipresent green newsstand. Background extras, dressed up and dressed warmly, swarmed the breezeway, as Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) talked on the phone. Meanwhile, a second unit was filming near the Waikiki Yacht Club at Magic Island.

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