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Episode 5.12 - Filming News

Here is the latest filming update from Ryan.

Looks like the winter “LOST” production hiatus is over. Filming for Episode 12 of Season 5 commenced yesterday, and late word came of a location shoot at the Times Supermarket in McCully (1772 S. King St.). Out front, a false sign hung that no doubt gave local shoppers pause: Tim’s Supermarket Long Beach. Inside, the crew set up a dolly for a tracking shot along a series of supermarket aisles. Outside, a banged up car with what, from a distance, looked like a blood stain on the hood… or perhaps an angry message scrawled in red paint.

The supermarket crew were amused to find the Tim’s sign still hanging out front this morning, and I caught them just as they took it down before dawn. They also said the scene involved Kate (Evangeline Lilly)… trying to find her son.

You can see a photo at Ryan's site.

Source: Hawaii Blog