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Episode Titles Confirmed for Episodes 5x08/09/10

Hey All,
Our good friend DarkUFO has just provided us with the episode titles for LOST Episodes 5x/08, 5x09, and 5x10.

Here they are:

Episode 5.08 - LeFleur (Airs: 11th March 2009)
Episode 5.09 - Namaste (Airs: 18th March 2009)
Episode 5.10 - He's Our You (Airs: 25th March 2009)

Of course LeFleur in French is The Flower (maybe about the Orchid), Namaste means "Hello" in Hindi and I am sure will be the episode that gives us the history of Dharma. Still thinking about "He's Our You", obviously a reference to someone being like somebody else. Maybe Locke/Jacob related!?

What do you all think!?