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Epiaode 5x11 - New Casting Call

Hey All,
A new casting call has been posted by our good friend DarkUFO for LOST Episode 5x11 for two new characters.

Both characters have a military feel to them as one of the characters Erik is described a "loyal soldier" and the other character Debra is supposedly an "intelligent field nurse".

The interesting news is that they will be filming during the holiday season. It seems like they want to complete as many episodes as possible before the strike.

Well here you go:

Shoot Dates: 12/17/088 to 1/08/09

late 20s to 30s. Any ethnicity. Smart and dangerous. Tough military type. Follows orders and doesn’t question them. He is a loyal soldier. CO-STAR, COULD POSSIBLY RECUR

late 20s to 30s. Any ethnicity. Intelligent field nurse. Can quickly respond to new emergencies. Strong, does not shrink from overwhelming situations. CO-STAR