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Episode 4x09 Shape of Things to Come - The Dead Body Is...

Hey Spoiler Lovers,
So if you all remember the official press release for LOST Season 4 Episode 9 - The Shape of Things to Come revealed that Jack will try to determine the identification of a dead body that washes ashore. Once that was revealed many of you out there began debating who it could be!? Regina, Charlie, Bonnie, Greata, Razzle or even Dazzle...!?

However, our good friend DarkUFO has learned the identity of the person and it is Doctor Ray from the freighter...!?

Dark says he can NOT reveal much more than that, but said that the body does not matter, but what it "implies" does!!

so what do you think it implies!?

I can reveal that the body that is washed ashore in Episode 4.09 is that of Doc Ray. His body itself is not that significant but what it implies does.

Source: DarkUFO