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Episode 4x09 - EW Teases Episode and Beyond

Doc Jensen from EW has posted his first weekly "tease" for the remaining episodes of LOST.

There is a behind the scenes video with Michael Emerson and Josh Holloway and the LOST Producers revealing some details for tonight's episode. Jensen continues the article and interview with Darlton by providing us with some additional spoilers for the finale and beyond.

Here is the video and little summary of the spoilers:

4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come:

From Video:
1) Expect gunfire
2) Jumps around in time and "space", visit some "unprecedented" places and situations with challenges
3) Starts in Tunisia
4) Sawyer confirms smokey appearance.
5) Find out who shot and killed Karl and Rousseau (IF they are dead)

From Article:
6) Dharka - Ben wears a Parka with a Dharma Logo while filming a FF scene in the Middle East
7) Double-Crossing Telescopic Two-for-One Ass Whooping!

Season Finale and Beyond:
8) Finale is being written basically as pilot for season 5
9) Pace os Season 5 will be a key and challenge for them so we do not feel it is dragging on the way to season 6
10)Doc Jensen mentions he was in London and confirms that the "secret" London filming did involve Widmore and Ben and that Emerson was not the only island based LOST actor there (I am assuming he means Yunjin Kim).

Video includes on set scenes with Emerson and Holloway and some interview scenes with Darlton.

Source: EW