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Episode 4x09 - DarkUFO Confirms a "Bloodbath"

Today, our good friend DarkUFO was provided some information to him about the new LOST episode (4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come) next week. As we know there is an attack that will occur on the island and the most recent promos have confirmed that Keamy and the freighter people are the ones attacking Othersville.

This episode is a Ben Centric flash forward and it is lining up to be another classic.

Death has become a regular part of LOST and the violence level will rise even further!!

There will be FOUR more deaths in this episode!! According to Dark's source 3 are "minor" characters and one is a "major" character. Of course this opens the door to question what is a minor and what is a major character...!? Is Karl's or possibly Danielle's death a part of this count!?

No one knows just yet, but here are the details:

The invasion of the island commences. In the first 15 minutes 3 characters are killed (minor ones). Later in the episode some one is shot in the head execution style, but it’s not who you think if you’ve seen any promos. This character is a major one.

Source: DarkUFO