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DarkUFO Reveals some Spoilers during ODI LOSTcast 10

As part of a little surprise for our ODI LOST podcast listeners, we tried to hook up a little Q&A session with DarkUFO during the hiatus. However, due to some personal issues and time constraints, we ended up sending the questions to Dark and he was nice enough to answer them for us.

Not only did he answer them fully, including talking about how how large the sites (DarkUFO and SpoilerTV) have become, what he has planned for all us in the future (new forums for DarkUFO and SpoilerTV) and provided us with some of his theories as well!! But for those of you that love spoilers, he also spilled the beans just a bit.

Once again, thanks Dark for taking the time to answer the questions!!

Here is some of what Dark revealed:

1) New DarkUFO and SpoilerTV forums should be up by mid-May
2) He hopes Post Producxion will be back with full synopsis starting with Episode 4x10
3) Doc Ray's body washing up on shore this week is connected to the "Time Implications" on the show
4) In reference to a question about Darlton telling us to look at the Jacob's cabin scene and shoes, he said that he feels we will learn much more about the shoes and Jacob "very soon"
5) The "secret" London filming was for a Flash forward
6) One of his overall theories for the show is that Aliens crash landed on the island at some point, causing the island to become special, leading to Dharma discovering it and now other forces (Widmore) wanting to use the island's magical properties.

NOTE: When asked for clarification about the London Flash forward scene, he said thats all he can reveal at this point.

Check out the podcast on the front page of the site for more spoilers:

ODI LOSTcast 10